About Us

Who we are

We’re a group of nerds engineers from Rocket City, USA who like to play with code, circuits, and rockets.

Here’s what we do for the LATIS Project:

  • Dmitriy Plaks - Team Lead, software development (Arduino), webmaster
  • Brooke Roberts - Hardware development
  • Travis Goodwyn - Software development (iOS)
  • Jonathan Townley - Software development (Android)

How the idea came about

Brooke was eating pizza with his family at the best pizza joint in town and saw a little girl wearing a Rainbow Elementary Rockets tie-dye shirt. This was just the spark that started the wheels turning towards a wireless rocket launcher. Dmitriy was the one who first heard about the Intel Hackathon and that plus Brooke’s initial idea was all the impetus we needed to get started. When Dmitriy told Jonathan and Travis about it, ideas for mobile app user interfaces started flowing and that was that.