So you want to launch a rocket with your phone? Well, THIS is the page for you, my friend. This page should provide you with enough instructions and resources so you can build your own rocket launcher. But we are human (not robot) so if something doesn’t make sense, needs clarification, or is flat out wrong or missing please let us know but sending us an email or creating a new issue in our repository.

Parts List

Part Description Quantity Notes
Arduino 101 1  
Estes Rocket Kit 1 Many are available, this is the one we used
Buzzer 1 We used one from the Grove Starter Kit
Green LED 1  
Blue LED 1  
Yellow LED 2  
Red LED 1  
Push Button 1 Just about any button will do
Key switch 1 Lots of options out there, we used this one
Resistor - 200 ohms 1  
Resistor - 1M ohm 3  
Relay, 5V 1 We used one from the Grove Starter Kit
9V battery 2  
9V battery connector 2  
Breadboard 1  
Lots of wire 20-30 ft We used 20 AWG, stranded for the igniter connection
Aligator clips 2 These work well
Enclosure 1 Preferrably one that’s waterproof but just about any will work

Hardware Schematic

Arduino 101 Launch Controller Wiring Diagram
Arduino 101 Launch Controller Wiring Diagram

Arduino pin assignments

Pin Purpose Wire color*
D2 Igniter Relay Light blue wire
D3 Link LED Dark blue wire
D4 Launch Warning LED Yellow wire
D5 Igniter LED Red wire
D6 Safety Interlock LED Yellow wire
D7 Buzzer Purple wire
D8 Abort Button Red wire
D11 Safety Interlock (key switch) Orange wire

NC: Not Connected

* Wire color in the above diagram

Software Description

If you’re curious how all this code works, check out the How it works section.


You will need two separate things to get your launcher working: arduino 101 code and the android app (in the future, we hope to have an iPhone app as well). All of the project code, including this website is in our Gitlab repository

Arduino 101 code


To install this on your Arduino 101, make sure you have the following:

  • Arduino IDE
  • Intel Curie library (do this via the Boards Manager menu in the Arduino IDE)

Actual installation:

  • Download the latest stable build from the master branch
    • (unless you want to push the limits of our coding skills, in which case, help yourself to the develop branch but we can’t promise things won’t break or otherwise won’t work properly)
  • Open the arduino_code.ino file in the Arduino IDE
  • Connect your Arduino 101 and upload the code
  • Make sure the hardware is wired up per the “how to build it” guide

Android App

Download the app directly from the repository

  • Latest stable version (download this one): android app
  • Current development/bleeding edge version (don’t download this one, unless you’re ready for things to break unexpectedly): android app

Download the app from Google Play Store

Coming soon

iOS App

We’re still working to develop this app. It’s not quite ready for release (it is very broken at the moment) but if you want to give us a hand, let us know.